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SharePoint Conference 2009 Session Recaps

While attending  SPC09 in Las Vegas last month, I had the pleasure of writing several session recaps for There was so much information about SharePoint 2010 to be ingested that I could barely keep up! I’ve finally had time to settle down to start pouring through some of the sessions I missed, so I hope to update the blog frequently with new information. In the meantime, please check out the three sessions that were published already.

A new post on records management in SharePoint 2010 will be posted shortly, so stay tuned!

New Product Review: Metalogix Selective Restore Manager Pro

I recently had the pleasure of using and reviewing a great product by Metalogix called the Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint. As you may or may not know yet, I am also an editor over at, so I try to churn out at least one in-depth “expert” review per month. I say expert in quotations, because I’m not necessarily claiming to be an expert with a certain level of authority. We simply have a user review and an expert review available on each product. User reviews can be done by anyone (except the vendor themselves), and it is very simple to login and rate a product or service. Expert reviews are submitted by authors who have more extensive SharePoint experience. They also are required to spend more time with a product so that they can give an accurate and detailed review of their experience.

The Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint by Metalogix is a utility for SharePoint content restoration and comparison. It has a very easy-to-use interface, and within minutes you can restore documents, lists, sites or any other content within your SharePoint site collection. The product is lightweight, and it does not use a lot of resources to accomplish its tasks. A full audit trail is performed during each process making copy/restore functions more accessible to SharePoint farms with multiple admins.

With that said, please check out my review of the Selective Restore Manager Pro, and let me know what you think.

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Best Practices Conference 2009 – A Streaming Success!


The last couple of months have been chock full of conferences, SharePints, streaming media events, SharePoint 2010 teasers, and of course the massive preparations for fantasy football! The icing on the cake for me was the recently-ended Best Practices Conference 2009 (BPC) in Washington, DC. As SharePoint 2010 creeps closer towards public disclosure, this was the last conference before the proverbial SharePoint mecca, SharePoint Conference 2009 in Vegas (SPC09). Although the BPC is not new, it was certainly a different experience for all who attended, especially those who were not able to make it.

If you haven’t been following the #bpc09 hashtag on twitter (or have no idea what a twitter hashtag is), then you may not have known that the entire conference was covered live by several of us who were able to attend. Mark Miller, founder and editor of, and Bamboo Nation organized a live media platform that allowed volunteers to live blog the sessions and various conference events. If you’ve ever been to a SharePoint conference, then you know how difficult it is to keep up on everything going on. Our community is fortunate to have some of the greatest speakers around, and this frequently makes it difficult to choose between competing sessions. The live blogging platform allows you to catch up on anything you’ve missed as it is instantly archived. With multiple feeds active, following specific tracks was effortless. Many thanks to Mark Miller and the volunteers who made it happen! The archives are now online for your perusal. And you […]

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More SharePoint 2010 Details

Early this week at TechEd in LA, Microsoft formally announced and confirmed some of the rumors pertaining to the upcoming release of SharePoint 2010. The product is slated for a H1 2010 release, and these new details are sure to increase the hype surrounding SharePoint 2010.

The compiled list below is in addition to the already confirmed features listed in this post.

  • SharePoint Server 2010 will require 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008/2005
  • SharePoint Server 2010 will not support IE6 at all
  • The UI will include the popular Office ribbon
  • Visual Studio 2010 will allow developers to build and deploy SharePoint web parts and products natively with new tools and templates
  • Visual Studio 2010 will also be able to finally browse SharePoint sites and objects
  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) – A new specification that was jointly created by Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Oracle and others with the purpose of exchanging content with and between ECM systems. This specification will be utilized in some capacity with SharePoint Server 2010

This latest batch of news should cause all organizations to immediately plan for the new set of hardware requirements if SharePoint Server 2010 is on their product roadmap.

Read the official Microsoft announcement about system requirements here.

Stay tuned for additional information on SharePoint 2010.

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SharePoint 2010: What We Know and What We Want

Since the announcing of SharePoint 2010 this month, the community has been buzzing with what we know about ’10 and what we are still speculating about ’10. There isn’t a whole lot of concrete information out there yet, but I’ve compiled a list below of what I’ve seen so far. I’ve also started listing some of the pressing things that we, the SharePoint community, would like to see in ’10.


  • So long MOSS! It seems like you’ve been renamed to just Microsoft SharePoint Server. We’ve called you so many things over the years that we’re hoping this name will actually stick.
  • PerformancePoint Monitoring & Analytics functions will be bundled into the Server license
  • Users will be able to open/edit/save/collaborate on Office documents through a web browser
  • Native support for ODF and PDF seems to be a safe confirmation as Office System SP2 will now support editing of both formats.
  • All Forms Server functions bundled with 2010 – There are clients who signed on for Forms Server standalone for WSS installs, so it would be nice if they bundled it with the next equivalent of WSS. I have an unofficial confirm from an MS employee that features will be available in 2010 but no solid details so far.
  • Standardized UI across all Office products, browsers, mobile devices
  • Open API support
  • FAST Search for Server Enterprise owners
  • Upgrades to 2010 will rely heavily on the new upgrade scanning command in STSADM – available in SharePoint 2007 SP2
  • 2010 Q1 or Q2 projected release date


  • Native SQL tables for SharePoint lists – Ever since this interview with Bill Gates, I’ve hoped that this will actually come to fruition. But as with any Microsoft product, it […]
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