I recently had the pleasure of using and reviewing a great product by Metalogix called the Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint. As you may or may not know yet, I am also an editor over at SharePointReviews.com, so I try to churn out at least one in-depth “expert” review per month. I say expert in quotations, because I’m not necessarily claiming to be an expert with a certain level of authority. We simply have a user review and an expert review available on each product. User reviews can be done by anyone (except the vendor themselves), and it is very simple to login and rate a product or service. Expert reviews are submitted by authors who have more extensive SharePoint experience. They also are required to spend more time with a product so that they can give an accurate and detailed review of their experience.

The Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint by Metalogix is a utility for SharePoint content restoration and comparison. It has a very easy-to-use interface, and within minutes you can restore documents, lists, sites or any other content within your SharePoint site collection. The product is lightweight, and it does not use a lot of resources to accomplish its tasks. A full audit trail is performed during each process making copy/restore functions more accessible to SharePoint farms with multiple admins.

With that said, please check out my review of the Selective Restore Manager Pro, and let me know what you think.