Earlier last week Microsoft opened the public beta for Windows 7, although I’m sure most of you have already been beta testing this for some time. I will be testing this extensively in the months to come, but I’d like to post some of the new features that Microsoft is aiming for. I’m hoping that these new features will be stable enough to test, but obviously that may not be the case just yet.

New features for desktop users

  • Improved Taskbar
  • Jump Lists
  • Libraries
  • IE8
  • Windows Live
  • Better device management
  • HomeGroup
  • Theme Packages
  • Battery Life enhancement

You can look at a few official screenshots here from Microsoft showcasing some of these features.

New features for Admins and Devs

  • Removal of kernel dispatcher lock – This should increase performance significantly for larger SQL-based and other resource-intensive systems as it will reduce constraints on available hardware and resources.
  • Logical processor groups – Now will allow for 256 processors with each process thread belonging to a logical processor group.
  • Faster booting – Here is a good article from MSDN about the engineering work being put into this. A couple of the mentionable new features would be boot times under 15 seconds and plug and play support during boot.
  • DirectX 11 API bundled on disc
  • MinWin – This is arguably one of the most important changes to Windows 7. Effectively […]