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Road to MCSE:SharePoint – Tips on Passing 70-410 Exam Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

SharePoint MCSE

Before I jump into the good stuff, allow me to provide some background info on why you’re reading this. I decided last year that I would go for MCSE: SharePoint (2013), as I’ve been completely bypassing Microsoft certifications for many years. Most IT Pros have similar reasons for avoiding the MS certs as I did, so I won’t bore you with the details. In short, more credence has been placed on 3rd party product/technology certifications in my industry, therefore I haven’t even really seriously considered an MS cert since I was taking the ancient MCSA 2000 courses! I have two reasons for pursuing the cert at this time. One, I’d like to help my employer maintain a silver or gold competency. Two, I’ve been working with and evangelizing on Microsoft SharePoint technology for many years, so why not just pass the exams? After all, I know all this stuff! Or do I?

If you’re familiar with Microsoft certifications, the aforementioned MCSE moniker should be pretty familiar to you. What may not be familiar, is that there is an MCSE certification specifically for SharePoint. This new certification is part of a larger effort by Microsoft to create more focused certifications based on core competencies. The new MCSE certifications are also a bit more simplified to understand, as the prerequisite is essentially the relevant MCSA certification. Before I go any further, it’s important to note that MCSE is no longer called […]

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New Product Review: Metalogix Selective Restore Manager Pro

I recently had the pleasure of using and reviewing a great product by Metalogix called the Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint. As you may or may not know yet, I am also an editor over at, so I try to churn out at least one in-depth “expert” review per month. I say expert in quotations, because I’m not necessarily claiming to be an expert with a certain level of authority. We simply have a user review and an expert review available on each product. User reviews can be done by anyone (except the vendor themselves), and it is very simple to login and rate a product or service. Expert reviews are submitted by authors who have more extensive SharePoint experience. They also are required to spend more time with a product so that they can give an accurate and detailed review of their experience.

The Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint by Metalogix is a utility for SharePoint content restoration and comparison. It has a very easy-to-use interface, and within minutes you can restore documents, lists, sites or any other content within your SharePoint site collection. The product is lightweight, and it does not use a lot of resources to accomplish its tasks. A full audit trail is performed during each process making copy/restore functions more accessible to SharePoint farms with multiple admins.

With that said, please check out my review of the Selective Restore Manager Pro, and let me know what you think.

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Google Chrome and Sharepoint

You’ve no doubt downloaded or at least heard of Google Chrome already. If you haven’t click here to download it and click here to view Google’s creative comic about the browser. I recommend reading the comic as its very informative and will get you up to speed on why Google’s browser will make every web developer rethink their apps.

But the purpose of this post is to just get some screenshots out there of Google Chrome in action with Sharepoint. I can’t really find that much information currently on browsing Sharepoint sites in Google Chrome, so hopefully some of you will post your thoughts/information on this below.

Let’s also keep in mind that this is obviously a beta, albeit pretty stable, release of a brand-new web browser. There will be new internal builds everyday, so anything in this article could be dated within 30 minutes. With that said, let’s look at how Chrome renders Sharepoint.

Figure 1 – Chrome’s omnibox will attempt to grab related results across the web and locally based on what you type. My testing site is pretty basic, so it didn’t return much.

Figure 2 – As you can see I’m prompted with a login box similar to what is seen when browsing Sharepoint with Firefox.

Figure 3 – A basic Sharepoint site with no customizations. There are some display flaws here, but I will say this. It displays the page much quicker than even IE7, and generally looks better than what I’m used to seeing in Firefox. Firefox still hasn’t been able […]

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