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What’s New with Office 365 Compliance Center

2015-12-May-Ferrara-Image1Litigation is costly, time consuming and a headache — and chances are your company is involved in it in some way. Compliance is the topic that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep, as they wonder whether they will survive a call from legal.

Microsoft is listening.

You would be forgiven if you missed some of the significant compliance news Microsoft announced last week in the midst of the Ignite conference hullabaloo, but the combined announcements show the company’s commitment to addressing lingering concerns with putting data in the cloud.

I’ve been tracking what Microsoft is trying to do with compliance, e-Discovery and other legal and compliance concerns for some time now. The lightspeed push to the cloud over the last five years has left a gaping hole in what organizations can do to get governance of their data under control.

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10 Cloud Roadblocks and What to Do About Them

2015-25-February-RoadblockAs organizations face growing pressure to properly manage their digital content growth, cloud vendors have been marching out a series of improvements in an attempt to gain their favor. One such example is Microsoft’s recent announcement about achieving ISO 27018 and HITRUST compliance. Consumer cloud services are ubiquitous and cloud adoption is steadily climbing in the enterprise. Yet IT organizations still lack experience on how to approach cloud services.

10 Roadblocks

Over the last five or so years, I’ve tested my mettle against various shapes and sizes of cloud projects for my clients. I’ve had failures, successes and many outcomes that required some calculated compromises to achieve project goals.

So what does any good consultant do with these lessons learned? Make a list. What follows are the 10 most common cloud roadblocks I’ve witnessed:

  1. Your clients may object to storing their content on cloud servers, which often times is built into business agreements. Right or wrong, this can completely derail any good intentions you may have about moving to the cloud.

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