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What’s New with Office 365 Compliance Center

2015-12-May-Ferrara-Image1Litigation is costly, time consuming and a headache — and chances are your company is involved in it in some way. Compliance is the topic that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep, as they wonder whether they will survive a call from legal.

Microsoft is listening.

You would be forgiven if you missed some of the significant compliance news Microsoft announced last week in the midst of the Ignite conference hullabaloo, but the combined announcements show the company’s commitment to addressing lingering concerns with putting data in the cloud.

I’ve been tracking what Microsoft is trying to do with compliance, e-Discovery and other legal and compliance concerns for some time now. The lightspeed push to the cloud over the last five years has left a gaping hole in what organizations can do to get governance of their data under control.

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10 Cloud Roadblocks and What to Do About Them

2015-25-February-RoadblockAs organizations face growing pressure to properly manage their digital content growth, cloud vendors have been marching out a series of improvements in an attempt to gain their favor. One such example is Microsoft’s recent announcement about achieving ISO 27018 and HITRUST compliance. Consumer cloud services are ubiquitous and cloud adoption is steadily climbing in the enterprise. Yet IT organizations still lack experience on how to approach cloud services.

10 Roadblocks

Over the last five or so years, I’ve tested my mettle against various shapes and sizes of cloud projects for my clients. I’ve had failures, successes and many outcomes that required some calculated compromises to achieve project goals.

So what does any good consultant do with these lessons learned? Make a list. What follows are the 10 most common cloud roadblocks I’ve witnessed:

  1. Your clients may object to storing their content on cloud servers, which often times is built into business agreements. Right or wrong, this can completely derail any good intentions you may have about moving to the cloud.

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Road to MCSE:SharePoint – Tips on Passing 70-412 Exam Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

SharePoint MCSE

If you’ve been following the previous posts, then I’m sure you get the picture by now. I’m about to give you some tips on passing the final MCSA exam for Windows Server 2012. And that means you’re one exam away from gaining the full MCSA cert that you’ve been coveting. If you’re following my journey for gaining SharePoint MCSE, then you’ve still got two more exams after this one. If not, consider yourself lucky! It’s all downhill from here. The 70-412 exam is the culmination of everything you’ve learned in the previous two with a more advanced leaning, hence the name Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services. Personally, I felt much better about this exam than I did with 70-411 due to my disdain for advanced networking. And although my score was lower on 70-412 than the previous two, I still felt better about my knowledge of the content than 70-411.

Study Resources: The updated exam objectives PDF linked above does a really great job of listing out the overall topics you should be studying. In my two previous posts I listed some of the topics that I felt warranted further review. This time around, I think it’s best to review that PDF and watch the Pluralsight videos. There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel here. I will say though that I spent a lot of time on High Availability/Failover Clustering, Dynamic Access Control, VM movement, and ADFS. I’ll be honest, I was concerned […]

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Road to MCSE:SharePoint – Tips on Passing 70-411 Exam Administering Windows Server 2012

SharePoint MCSE

If you haven’t done so already, read my introductory post (above) to this series on passing the 70-410 exam, as I’ll reference much of the same content.

After a brief hiatus in my quest to get MCSE: SharePoint knocked out, I’ve finally taken and passed the next exam 70-411, Administering Windows Server 2012. Although there is no requirement from Microsoft to take these exams in a specific order, it practically makes sense as the content gets progressively more advanced after 70-410. Before getting to some of the details, I’d like to start by saying that this exam was pretty difficult for me to prepare for. This exam is very heavy on the networking side of things. I am admittedly not a networking guru, nor do I particularly care to be one. I do feel better about my overall knowledge of advanced networking capabilities in Windows Server 2012, as it had been a very long time since I’ve brushed up on the subject. Regardless of my disdain, if you can barely contain your excitement when thinking about remote RADIUS server groups, then this is the exam for you!

Study Resources:

The below list comprises some of the hot topics that are worth focusing on. Again, this exam is much more difficult than 70-410. It’s really important to get deep on these subjects, because many of the questions do just that. Conversely, there were some questions that I felt could have easily been […]

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Microsoft Certification Updates: Server 2012 R2, Changes to MCSM

Microsoft recently released new details on upcoming certification changes for Windows, Windows Server and the MCSM program.

The most notable change here is the dropping of the training requirements for MCSM. In the SharePoint world, gaining MCSM really set you apart from the crowd. There are already concerns out there that this change has already devalued the prestige of the certification itself. What do you think?

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Discussion Point: Records Management Influenced by Cloud, Collaboration Technologies

I was recently quoted in an article on about how records management has changed with the advent of the cloud. Follow the link below to read the full article.

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