Sharepoint and Search Server 2008

The amazingly kind and helpful folks over at Bamboo Solutions, a leading SharePoint web part/solutions developer, has allowed me to write guest articles on their Bamboo Team Blog. The subject of this post, Sharepoint and Search Server 2008, is my first post there.

Please read the full post here.

While you’re there, I strongly suggest spending some extra time browsing. Bamboo Nation, their community site, is a hidden treasure in the SharePoint community. They have a very active team of content writers that will keep you going back for more.

Google Chrome and Sharepoint

You’ve no doubt downloaded or at least heard of Google Chrome already. If you haven’t click here to download it and click here to view Google’s creative comic about the browser. I recommend reading the comic as its very informative and will get you up to speed on why Google’s browser will make every web developer rethink their apps.

But the purpose of this post is to just get some screenshots out there of Google Chrome in action with Sharepoint. I can’t really find that much information currently on browsing Sharepoint sites in Google Chrome, so hopefully some of […]

How to: Hide the title column from Sharepoint lists

A frequent request from end-users is the ability to remove the “title” column from Sharepoint lists and document libraries. You can rename this column to something else, but I do not recommend this for various reasons. “Title” is a reserved Sharepoint word and renaming it has been known to break things. Generally this only occurs if you change it in the Site Content Type Gallery, but I tend to err on the side of caution here. You can read about that particular limitation here.

But you can hide the title column from the default content types already […]

Sharepoint Update Log – Part 1

Part 1 Part 2

It’s not everyday that you find a company or IT department that keeps a structured and updated “update log” for their systems, let alone Sharepoint. Updating your software is as easy as clicking a few buttons and trusting that everything will work as advertised. And for the most part, application updates really do what they are supposed to without causing outages. With communities, blogs and wikis for just about every application in existence, developers find it much easier to distribute test builds to the masses and […]