Microsoft Certification Updates: Server 2012 R2, Changes to MCSM

Microsoft recently released new details on upcoming certification changes for Windows, Windows Server and the MCSM program.

The most notable change here is the dropping of the training requirements for MCSM. In the SharePoint world, gaining MCSM really set you apart from the crowd. There are already concerns out there that this change has already devalued the prestige of the certification itself. What do you think?

Discussion Point: Records Management Influenced by Cloud, Collaboration Technologies

I was recently quoted in an article on about how records management has changed with the advent of the cloud. Follow the link below to read the full article.

SharePoint Conference 2014 – Thoughts, Predictions and Unmitigated Fun


Like clockwork, Microsoft officially announced yesterday that the next SharePoint Conference will be March 3-6 2014 in…wait for it…Vegas! I’m actually somewhat surprised, as I was expecting SPC to grace another venue during a non-release year, but the organizers decided to stick with the popular Vegas location. Judging from the outcome of previous conferences in Vegas, I highly doubt anyone will complain.

So without further ado, here’s a few of my thoughts and predictions about SPC14.


Clearly those last two predictions are completely bogus and strangely intriguing, but what do you think about the […]

Road to MCSE:SharePoint – Tips on Passing 70-410 Exam Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

SharePoint MCSE

Before I jump into the good stuff, allow me to provide some background info on why you’re reading this. I decided last year that I would go for MCSE: SharePoint (2013), as I’ve been completely bypassing Microsoft certifications for many years. Most IT Pros have similar reasons for avoiding the MS certs as I did, so […]

Setting things up

Bear with me as the site is being rolled out. The design is continually being tweaked, and I’ll be adding content soon. Once everything is ironed out, new content will be added regularly, and I’ll link to contributions that are being published elsewhere. In the meantime, you can check out my recent work on

SharePoint Conference 2009 Session Recaps

While attending  SPC09 in Las Vegas last month, I had the pleasure of writing several session recaps for There was so much information about SharePoint 2010 to be ingested that I could barely keep up! I’ve finally had time to settle down to start pouring through some of the sessions I missed, so I hope to update the blog frequently with new information. In the meantime, please check out the three sessions that were published already.

New Product Review: Metalogix Selective Restore Manager Pro

I recently had the pleasure of using and reviewing a great product by Metalogix called the Selective Restore Manager Pro for SharePoint. As you may or may not know yet, I am also an editor over at, so I try to churn out at least one in-depth “expert” review per month. I say expert in quotations, because I’m not necessarily claiming to be an expert with a certain level of authority. We simply have a user review and an expert review available on each product. User reviews can be done by anyone (except […]