2014-17-October-Sidecar-thumb-320x240-25509When Microsoft showcased the power of Office Graph through Project Oslo, the Microsoft partner community collectively wondered about extensibility and API access. But as with many Microsoft products, it will take the greater partner community to push Office Graph into the mainstream.

To explore this dynamic, I spoke with Yaacov Cohen, CEO of Harmon.ie, to discuss the Microsoft Office Graph reveal and how it will impact the Silicon Valley-based software developer and its product line.

That Harmon.ie sees the promise in Office Graph is no surprise. As Microsoft has shifted towards better UI and UX in their consumer products, many of the business solutions have begun to follow suit. Office Graph provides organizations a unique way to engage its users by parsing through the vast arrays of information silos. Mr. Cohen recognized that Office Graph “consolidates services into one experience” and that this “shows a philosophy which is relatively new at Microsoft.”

Since the initial reveal, Microsoft released Office Delve (formerly Project Oslo) and has begun to slowly roll it out to the Office 365 community. Office 365 E1-E4 and several of the small business plans will begin to have access to Office Delve in early 2015.

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