Like clockwork, Microsoft officially announced yesterday that the next SharePoint Conference will be March 3-6 2014 in…wait for it…Vegas! I’m actually somewhat surprised, as I was expecting SPC to grace another venue during a non-release year, but the organizers decided to stick with the popular Vegas location. Judging from the outcome of previous conferences in Vegas, I highly doubt anyone will complain.

So without further ado, here’s a few of my thoughts and predictions about SPC14.

Warning: I had some fun with this. That is all.


  • New Venue – The new venue for next year’s show is at the Venetian, which means the show will be hosted at the Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center. This is great news, because Manadalay/Luxor is just terrible. No longer will we be stuck on the “other side” of the strip where literally nothing happens of consequence. The Venetian/Palazzo is one of my favorite spots, and I’m glad the conference organizers moved here. The Congress Center should have enough room for a show of this size, but I suppose it’s entirely possible that the show itself could be at the Sands Expo. We’ll know soon enough when further details come out.
  • SP1 Announcement – During non-release years what can we look forward to? A service pack announcement! Pretty lame, but that’s really the only thing on the horizon worth announcing, assuming it doesn’t release sooner. Of course, they may not announce anything at all.
  • Yammer Time – I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that Yammer will get a lot of stage time, similar to what we saw at SPC12. Microsoft recently announced it’s loose roadmap for the integration of Yammer into SharePoint 2013, so I would imagine that we will get a sizable dose of the state of affairs surrounding the integration. By Spring 2014, Microsoft should have tangible metrics on the usage of Yammer within on-prem and Office365 deployments, which should drive the conversation about overall adoption. An incredibly cheesy and awesome bonus would be an opening salvo featuring MC Hammer chanting “Stop, Yammer time!”, which of course is the popular parody of hit song “U Can’t Touch This”.
  • Office365 – The cloud talk will continue, which is no real prediction if you’ve been paying attention to technology the last few years. But I imagine we’ll here something new as it relates to SharePoint Online. Some of that will be Yammer, and I think some of that will be geared towards adoption in the market. I want to hear about the amount of organizations using the new UI. I want to see real world examples showing significant adoption at marquee organizations.
  • Featured Apps – I would love to see a featured app or series of featured apps during the keynote. If the app model is going to gain significant traction in the marketplace, then we need to start seeing some high end examples. Think Apple and their infamous TV spots featuring Angry Birds or some other iconic app. The marketplace won’t be ubiquitous unless we start seeing some fantastic apps developed by 3rd parties.
  • Xbox One Integration – Yep, you heard it. Microsoft will announce integration with Xbox One, which means you can speak to SharePoint through Kinect and drag and drop documents from your laptop to SharePoint by moving your hand across your living room.
  • Microsoft Certified Grand Master (MCGM) – Who knows more about SharePoint than an MCM or MCA? A SharePoint MCGM! Microsoft clearly has no other choice but to introduce yet another certification to separate the experts from the fakers. You know you want this.

Clearly those last two predictions are completely bogus and strangely intriguing, but what do you think about the others? Add your thoughts below!